Friday, March 19, 2010

No Pictures. Bummer!!!

I was really hoping to have some pictures to post today, but I can't find the wire to connect my camera to the computer...I hope I haven't lost it, that would not be a good I will make this a brief posting, just to let anyone that is actually reading this know that I am still alive...I did go to Florida with my daughter and two grandchildren and I do have wonderful pictures from the trip, but they will have to wait...we had a great time but I was certainly tired and happy to get home, specially since I caught a cold while there and was not feeling well. I learned why they say never to fly with a cold, the landing was very hard on my poor, blocked ears and I thought I would never recover my hearing...but I am well now and have been busy since getting home. Hubby and I spent a wonderful evening in Bath, Maine at a great B&B, and then a fantastic concert of Celtic music by Battlefield Band. We did the same thing last year and I hope we make it an annual outing.
It is Spring here in Maine, the first Spring I remember since moving here 23 years ago...I have been out walking my, now confirmed, over weight dog, as much as possible...but also leaving time for some spinning and knitting. A new friend of mine from the mid-west sent me about five Llama fleeces ...if I expect to finish them before I die, I have to get to work on them...of course, I have some great pictures of those also, but they will have to wait...I did finish spinning up some beautiful red wool that I don't have a clue as to what to do with yet (pictures to follow) and I am still working on my grandson's quilt and knitted blanket...I have three blocks finished for the wool blanket...
My one small change for this month of making sure lights are out when not in use is coming along fine and I already know the change for next month...but that will until I can get some pictures posted, I will close for today...

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