Sunday, February 28, 2010

My fiber life continues...two weeks ago I went to a Spin-In with a few of my friends, my daughter and about a 100 other happens every year and was so much hard as I try not to buy any more fiber, I did buy some wool to process with my angora bunny fiber...I also bought some dog combs to process the two fibers together...wish me luck!
Yesterday, our spinning group had their bi-monthly spinning get together at my house, again a lot of fun, more spinning and nothing to buy, which is a good thing.
Today, I worked on my grandson's quilt which I had to rip apart since the points weren't meeting...I am not such a good quilter-too impatient!!!!
Took a nice walk this afternoon with Barry and Gemma on a carriage road to see a waterfall...still plenty of snow on the ground but the water was certainly running

Monday, February 22, 2010

I think that I should explain the title of my blog which makes it look like I have a split personality, which I sometimes feel like I do...for 6 months of the year, I am an innkeeper and my whole world really revolves around taking care of 18 different people every day and making sure everyone at our B&B is having a great time...the other 6 months of the year, we move out of the B&B, into our own, much smaller log home in the woods and I get to do whatever I want and just take care of my own needs...this is where fiber mama comes into play...I love Fiber crafts, such as knitting, spinning, quilting etc. and in the winter I get to play with fiber for those 6 months, along with playing with my two wonderful I really do lead a split life...I also spend a lot of time out of doors in the winter with my very active 5 year old Aussie dog...of course, not everyday goes as I plan, and although, today I had planned to work on the simple quilt that I am making for my number 2 grandson, I ended up going for a much longer walk than planned and joined some friends in a birthday I said, taking care of myself in the winter...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello, on my daughter's 32nd birthday, I am starting a blog...with her quick lesson on how to join the blog world, I will give it a try....I will try not to be too boring but in reality, my life is not that, after having made the decision to by a new cookrange/oven, I decided on a 36 inch duel fuel Thermadore which I got for a really, really good will be delivered on Thursday...something new for me to learn to use...the other real highlight of today was a wonderful dinner with my daughter and her family at our house to celebrate her 32nd birthday...I had to make a Choc. Mousse which has become her birthday was Yummy! I knw that Nahum (number one grandson) had two helpings, but poor little Zev (number two grandson) will have to wait till next year...