Sunday, February 28, 2010

My fiber life continues...two weeks ago I went to a Spin-In with a few of my friends, my daughter and about a 100 other happens every year and was so much hard as I try not to buy any more fiber, I did buy some wool to process with my angora bunny fiber...I also bought some dog combs to process the two fibers together...wish me luck!
Yesterday, our spinning group had their bi-monthly spinning get together at my house, again a lot of fun, more spinning and nothing to buy, which is a good thing.
Today, I worked on my grandson's quilt which I had to rip apart since the points weren't meeting...I am not such a good quilter-too impatient!!!!
Took a nice walk this afternoon with Barry and Gemma on a carriage road to see a waterfall...still plenty of snow on the ground but the water was certainly running


  1. I somehow happened upon your blog through some other blogs I was following when all of a sudden I see pictures of the Newport spin-in!

    It was my first time attending this year and I had a great time!

    Peace, Karin in Milo

  2. Karin, I have been going to the spin-in for about 5 years...although I don't have a farm, I love fiber and spinning and knitting...I do have one fiber bunny and she is more than enough for me right now...I have made a lot of new fiber friends through FaceBook and one is even sending me some fleece although the way from is a small world after all...