Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello, on my daughter's 32nd birthday, I am starting a blog...with her quick lesson on how to join the blog world, I will give it a try....I will try not to be too boring but in reality, my life is not that, after having made the decision to by a new cookrange/oven, I decided on a 36 inch duel fuel Thermadore which I got for a really, really good will be delivered on Thursday...something new for me to learn to use...the other real highlight of today was a wonderful dinner with my daughter and her family at our house to celebrate her 32nd birthday...I had to make a Choc. Mousse which has become her birthday was Yummy! I knw that Nahum (number one grandson) had two helpings, but poor little Zev (number two grandson) will have to wait till next year...

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