Monday, December 20, 2010

No pictures yet!

And so once again, it has been a long time between posts. I don't even have any pictures ready but just wanted to let the world know that i am still here...It was an extremely busy summer at our B&B and all over Bar Harbor. I thought I would be posting some things from the summer inn season but that didn't happen...I had some knee problems and so spent most of the summer just trying to get through each day and get my work down. I didn't really get out much, no summer hikes this year although I did manage to ride my bicycle a lot, which didn't seem to bother my knees. I ended up having knee surgery on both knees at the same time for torn meniscus and arthritis, the day after we closed the inn. I am doing fine now, walking again and hoping to try some cross country skiing and snow shoeing, when we get some snow. I also became a grandmother once again, three days after my surgery, so it was a busy October. Now that all that drama is out of my life and I can settle down into the routine that is my winter, I hope to be back at this spot more than every six months, soon with pictures too. Just in case, hope you all have a great holiday....

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